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United Chemical No Mor Problems Swimming Pool Algaecide - 1 Quart

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Part Number:UCC-50-1014
 United Chemical No Mor Problems NMP-C12 No more algae No more shocking No more brushing No more clarifiers No Mor Problems is a patented formula that is registered as an E.P.A. algicide. It was engineered after 30 years of field experience. The formula is proprietary. No Mor Problems is a preventative algicide. No Mor Problems delivers Spectacular Water clarity and sparkle, yet it is NOT a polymer. No Mor Problems is NOT a shock, yet, you will no longer need to shock. No Mor Problems will greatly reduce your need to clean your filter, yet it is NOT a filter aid. The water will be so clear that you will NOT see floating debris in front of your pool light at night. No Mor Problems can be used with all types of sanitizers. i.e. Biguanides, Ionization, Salt Systems. No Mor Problems can be used on all types of pools. YOU CAN ELIMINATE ALMOST ALL: Shocking Brushing Filter Cleaning Aids Other Algicides Plus you can cut 50% of your electrical consumption by reducing the required cycle time of the pump and filter YOU WILL GET: Spectacular Water Clarity and Sparkle Less Work Better Bather Comfort Reduced Costs Less Staining A pool you can be proud of No more algae

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