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The Wall Whale Classic Swimming Pool Brush - 18"

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Part Number:PSL-40-5000

Benefits of Brushing with the Wall Whale

The Wall Whale provides effortless and powerful brushing force. Just like the spoiler on a car helps it hug the road, the Wall Whale's Wall hugging action directs power to where it is needed, reducing the strain on the user and increasing cleaning effectiveness.

Powerful - The Wall Whale delivers up to 10x the force between the brush and pool surface.

Thorough - Brush your pool thoroughly the first time, using one hand.

Fast - The average residential pool can be brushed in about 5 minutes.

Simple - Attaches easily to any pole, no hoses, pumps, filters or motors.

Easy - Brushing a pool without the Wall Whale is strenuous. With the Wall Whale you simply push down with one hand and the tail does the hard work.

Save money - A weekly brushing is your best defense against algae. Reduce the need for costly and dangerous chemicals. The nylon bristles on the Wall Whale last up to 4x longer than normal plastic bristles.

Versatile - Great for homeowners and service professionals, new pool and remodels, weekly brushing, algae removal and startup brushing.

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