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How Do I Keep My Pool Full Of Water When I Go On Vacation?

Posted by on 8/15/2019 to Useful Tips
Ok, you're all set for vacation.  The dogs are off to the kennel, you made arrangements for the mail, all is looking good.  But wait, how are you going to keep your pool full of water so that you do not burn out your pump when your gone? You could ask the neighbor but are they reliable, will they get it done? Do you need to hire someone?  There is a simple solution, use a pool auto filler.  There are many kinds of auto fillers on the market that range from quite complex requiring plumbing to the very simple.  I would suggest the very simple, one that you set on the edge of your pool and connect the hose with no tools required and that's it.  This will then keep your pool filled with water while you are gone and give you peace of mind.  When you're done, disconnect it, and store it in the garage until the next time - simple!  

I have used and can recommend the AquaLevel.  The Aqualevel automatically fills your pool when the water is low.  It attaches to your garden hose without requiring any tools for installation.  Put the Aqualevel in place, connect it to the hose and turn the water on and it will maintain your water level.  Once the desired water level is reached, the AquaLevel will shut itself off.  The AquaLevel features include:

  • Standard garden hose connection
  • Fills pool automatically when the water level is low
  • Keeps pump from running dry
  • Great for rental or vacation properties
  • No tools required for installation
  • Fully portable

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Victor Grijalva

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