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Fact or Fiction: Clean Pool Filters Can Save Pool Owners Thousands Of Dollars?

Posted by on 4/30/2019 to Useful Tips

Is it fact or fiction? Clean filters can save a pool owner thousands of dollars over the life of a pool.

It is a fact.

A clean filter is necessary for not only proper sanitation, but for the life of your pool equipment. When your filter is dirty or clogged with debris, water cannot filter properly. The equipment must work harder to turn the water over and this extra work for the equipment shortens its life and adds an additional and unnecessary cost to the monthly operation of your pool including higher energy bills!

Your filter has a pressure gauge on top and when clean, that pressure gauge displays the individual filters optimum efficiency pressure. As the pressure rises in the filter, the filter works less efficiently and the equipment has to work harder to filter and sanitize the water.

Just because the filter works harder to turn the water over and works harder to sanitize the water you and your children enjoy when swimming, it does not mean the filter or the equipment is doing the job with which it is charged. A dirty filter means less efficiency when filtering the water, less efficiency in sanitizing the water, more energy costs to run the equipment, and usually more ear, nose, and throat problems for children and elderly.

You can clean your filter yourself or you can hire a pool cleaning service but either way, we recommend your filter be cleaned at least twice a year. The preventative maintenance costs of keeping a filter clean are far less than the cost of letting the filter run at an inoperable pressure level; both in unnecessary equipment cost and doctor visits.

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