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DFW Pool Supplies

DFW Pool Supplies was created to better serve people that maintain their own pools.  We provide affordable, quality products, the convenience of home delivery and expert advice.

Affordable , quality products: We carry products that are high quality with the highest and purest chemical content to perform best in your pool.  If the products perform well, then you have a clean, healthy enjoyable pool with sparkly water that saves you time to maintain it. Our predecessor company serviced and repaired over 1,000 pools on a monthly basis so we know which products work.  Our products are generally US sourced so we know that their content is purer which in the long term  make them more affordable.

Convenience of home delivery: We deliver the products to your home for FREE.  That saves you time and money.  No more driving to the store, waiting in traffic, or dealing with the pool store person trying to sell you additional products or loading the products in your car. 

Expert advice.  Out founders started by cleaning pools and became one of the largest pool cleaning companies in the DFW Metroplex.  We have considerable hands on experience and have taught pool professionals at nationwide industry tradeshows.  In addition to products, we share for free this know how on our web site.  We have a blog with useful information  as well as our FAQs.  We will be building instructional videos and articles which we will also post on our web site.  If you need information about how to do something, click on our Contact Us and submit the form, we will gladly get back to you!